Sunday, July 6, 2008

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Weekly at noon on Sundays, you can have the prime of creativity of the Star Wars Roleplay World in Second Life.

Building in second life can be a mistery to some but its a resource of infinite possibilities. And there is no better way of learning than... doing it!

Come to Taris, leave your shyness at the door and start building. Each week a new theme.

Here is a few examples of the work made by the Taris visitors:

Great stuff huh?

Now you may be saying... "Lenny, i´ll never build like that..."

You can! Come, try and see.

And here is 10 tips from "Shiny Life" if you dont know where to start:

See you next time!


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Star Wars Rocks! Sunday Party April 20th 2008

Taris Rocked! Leanne brought out a killer mix of rock for the Star Wars Rocks! party. Everyone looked great in their Star Wars rock star avatars! We had everything from Ithorians to Gungans to Mirialans rocking the stage! Special treat this week was a copy of the artwork "Star Wars Rocks!" by Hugh Fleming. Costume contest winners were:

3rd place: ChaoticPlatypus
2nd place: Athene
1st place: Salores

The Furious Star Wars Musical Instruments featuring the new "Rock" song were released as contest prizes, as well as free updates to all that purchased them before.

Taris Masquerade Ball, April 12th 2008

The Taris Masquerade Ball was a wonderful success! A special 3 hour party with a unique special selection of music provided by our very own DJ Leanne Karas. The music was formal, with a range of jazz, classical, and a few modern dance music pieces for fun. The cantina was transformed into a formal ballroom, with special twi'lek dancer statues that were also special door prizes at the event.

Limited edition prizes given out as door prizes included:
Twi'lek Dancer Sculpture 1 by Furia
Twi'lek Dancer Sculpture 2 by Furia
Furious R2D2 Bartender Formal v1.3 (special white tray and gives out champagne as well)

The grand prize winner of the Furious Star Wars Avatars shopping spree was out very own Bith Wierwight, resident of the Taris Upper City. A fantastic time was had by everyone.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

SpaceJunky Rocks the Taris Undercity!

Taris experienced its biggest event ever as the RL and SL band SpaceJunky rocked the Taris Undercity on November 30th with songs from their latest album "Resident Alien". The sim capacity was pushed to its limit with a confirmed 53 avatars all dancing and enjoying the show. Many fans of SpaceJunky were introduced to Taris for the first time, and many members of the Taris community became new SpaceJunkies as well. A big thanks to all the members of SpaceJunky and their talented support team for making the event go off smoothly without a hitch!

More pictures from the show can be found here.

Friday, September 14, 2007

The Taris Grand Opening Gala was a blast! A special thanks to Sasy and Rex for DJing the event, they are fantastic DJs and good friends. We had droids on pogo sticks, wookiees with electric guitars, and everything else you can imagine. A great time was had by everyone and I'm grateful to everyone that could make it!


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