Sunday, April 20, 2008

Taris Masquerade Ball, April 12th 2008

The Taris Masquerade Ball was a wonderful success! A special 3 hour party with a unique special selection of music provided by our very own DJ Leanne Karas. The music was formal, with a range of jazz, classical, and a few modern dance music pieces for fun. The cantina was transformed into a formal ballroom, with special twi'lek dancer statues that were also special door prizes at the event.

Limited edition prizes given out as door prizes included:
Twi'lek Dancer Sculpture 1 by Furia
Twi'lek Dancer Sculpture 2 by Furia
Furious R2D2 Bartender Formal v1.3 (special white tray and gives out champagne as well)

The grand prize winner of the Furious Star Wars Avatars shopping spree was out very own Bith Wierwight, resident of the Taris Upper City. A fantastic time was had by everyone.

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