Sunday, July 6, 2008

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Weekly at noon on Sundays, you can have the prime of creativity of the Star Wars Roleplay World in Second Life.

Building in second life can be a mistery to some but its a resource of infinite possibilities. And there is no better way of learning than... doing it!

Come to Taris, leave your shyness at the door and start building. Each week a new theme.

Here is a few examples of the work made by the Taris visitors:

Great stuff huh?

Now you may be saying... "Lenny, i´ll never build like that..."

You can! Come, try and see.

And here is 10 tips from "Shiny Life" if you dont know where to start:

See you next time!


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Eleventy said...

Great report Lenny!

- Bith